How to Navigate Long-Distance Relationships

As much as LDRs can be a hassle, they can also be fulfilling and enriching beyond measure. One can hold a healthy and healthy relationship with the life-partner even when they are separated by a vast distance provided that the couple has the right attitude, access to communication, and commitment. Here are the following suggestions that may be helpful for you to overcome the challenges of the long-distance relationship.

1. Establish Clear Communication

Communication is a keystone in any relationship as it enables people to share ideas despite the physical distance between them.

Set expectations: Decide about how frequent you will be reaching out to each other – via a call, a text message, a video call, and so on and ensure that the frequency is okay for both parties.

Be honest: Do not be afraid to express your emotions and tell, what makes you happy, what scares you, and what you look forward to. Trust is very important in any kind of relationship and therefore, being honest to each other will go a long way in tackling this issue.

Stay positive: Build positive and supportive relationships with attractive people. Never allow yourself to be swayed by negativity and negativity alone from your mouth.

2. Schedule Regular Visits

Even in this age of social media interaction, it is always important to spend some quality time with the person you are in a relationship with.

Plan meet-ups: Make sure that you are able to meet frequently. This way, the two of you have something to look forward to as you count the days or minutes until the next meet-up.

Alternate travel: It is also advisable for the attendees to switch around meeting each other so that the burden of travelling is well distributed. This is an indication of reciprocity and in a relationship, this is a sign of commitment.

Explore together: Turn trips into memorable experiences by engaging in fun activities that cause you to discover new things and explore new places.

3. Utilize Technology

Technology can save this distance and make you feel closer.

Video calls: Make use of facilities like Zoom, Skype, or Face Time to call and chat through a video call. Just being able to look into each other’s faces can work wonders.

Shared activities: Have fun and watch movies on Netflix together, you can use an app called Netflix Party or play games on the web. These experiences can be useful in keeping the distance from each other out of focus and thus not losing the feeling of togetherness.

Social media: Friend with each other on social networks and exchange pictures and messages about your day-to-day life.

4. Set Goals Together

When you and your partner have similar interests, it will help to give you both direction and something to look forward to.

Future plans: Bring up the topics of conversation and decision making on your future. This is especially true for moving in together or going for a big trip; if you have similar goals, it will be easy to push each other.

Personal growth: Upon achieving personal goals, remind each other to set new goals. Therefore, it is significant that the couple should have a personal development that can complement each other’s need for growth.

5. Stay Positive and Supportive

In essence, having a positive attitude is the way to maneuver the issues that are bound to crop up in an LDR.

Stay optimistic: Throw emphasis on the good things a couple has and the advantages of the long distance relationship. This can help you to enjoy more the time you spend with him or her most especially when you are having some difficulties in the relationship.

Support each other: Have your partner’s back when things are rough. It will go along way in changing their life for the better and we hope you will consider us.

Celebrate milestones: It is relevant to celebrate new years, birthdays, corporate anniversaries, promotions, and all other achievements either through virtual means. These celebrations take your relationship to another level of love and affection.

6. Trust and Independence

Long-distance relationship is built on trust and effective communication between the two partners, hence the importance of trust.

Build trust: Reliability and being dependable: In terms of relations with other people, this means being honest in your words and intentions and following through on your commitments. It is quite evident that trust is developed based on the consistency of the information shared and the accuracy of the same.

Maintain independence: It is nice to always be connected, but don’t forget to remain an individual on your own. Hobbies, friends, and interests should be kept as they do not affect the overall performance of the mission.

7. Creative Ways to Stay Connected

Try to look for some creative means of maintaining romantic touches in your relationship.

Send a care package: Spice things up by giving your partner a gift they were not expecting or writing them a heartfelt letter. All these materialistic things can be of great value.

Plan a virtual date: Take virtual dinners, movies, or join a group cookery session over video call.

Share playlists: Have each other make and exchange playlists of different songs of the same or different genre. Music is a stimulus that produces specific effect and is often associated with feelings and images.


Long distance relationships require commitment, time and a lot of affection; however, they are not devoid of the best feelings that life can offer. There are always some challenges that may hinder the relationship but by ensuring that you practice good communication through the use of technology, set a visitation schedule for the foster parents and the child, and ensure that the foster parents have full confidence in the independence of the foster child then one is able to establish a very good relationship. Do not forget that the distance is but a minor factor that will not guarantee a long-lasting estrangement between you two.

Be positive and stay focused and happy even when they are not around and appreciate the moments spent together. Your love is able to work miracles and cross any distance.

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